Friday, November 23, 2007

The importance of Thyroid testing.

We've had Razzie now for almost a year but we were still having some "aggression " issues with her and I was beginning to think that we were never going to be able to leave them alone without the fear of coming home to some bloodshed. Training was helping, NILIF rules were helping, but still every now and then we'd have a little spat and I couldn't trust Razzie with other dogs. I was beginning to think this was the way life for us was going to be.
I asked the Vets at work and they recommended various things from training to puppy Prozac etc, rechecking her thyroid (since she's already on thyroid meds.) to make sure she's at a good level. Well I decided to recheck her thyroid since it was a good start and it was over 6months since she was last rechecked. Well it turned out that her level was too low and she needed her meds upped. Well those of you with dogs with low thyroid levels know that they can be quiet moody and unpredictable.
I have had her medication changed for a little over 1 month and she is acting like a normal dog ( for the most part) and has even started playing. Maybe it's just coincidence or the medication but I personally don't care, I'm just happy that she can play with Jasmine and other dogs now without always trying to fight with them. Hopefully she will become a normal stable dog with a little more time and effort.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Great Agility Equipment for Corgi's

So I took a little trip to Ikea today and as I'm walking past the kiddy section I see something I have been searching for for a long time. A little inexpensive kiddy tunnel! It's the perfect size for Corgi's and I won't feel bad if they destroy it. I spent a whopping 18 bucks on it and it's perfect!My home made agilty course is now one step closer to being complete. Even the ol' girl is trotting through it. Jasmine on the other hand is flying through the thing each time she sees it opened up. Silly girl.

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