Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Far too long

Well let's just say we've had an eventful 12 months since I've been on here last. Dag and Jasmine have been hitting the show rings bringing home ribbon after ribbon.  

Jasmine has made it to Excellent this last year with very limited showing. We've only been out about 4 times in the last 8 months. Honestly with her we are just having fun as half the time she just runs around and visits people in the ring still, PARTY GIRL. She is 9 and still the social butterfly. She has 2 legs in excellent standard and she just got into excellent Jumpers so we are working on that. She is such a goofy girl and tries so hard and has a blast doing it. We will continue playing as long as she is having fun which is the important part. She definitely shows no sign of slowing down as she is still placing 1st in all of her Q's! So from now on Jasmine shall be known as Baledwr Sn Jasmine Fishstick NA NAJ OAP OJP.

Jasmine's First time in Excellent Standard and a NQ but a fun try. She did not want to weave.
Mr Dag has had an even more eventful year. We finally finished his championship! I got him in the ring about 5 weekends and out of that ended up getting winners dog 4 times to finish him. He ended up finishing at the 3 day Richland Kennel club under the wonderful Marion McPherson who really enjoyed my goofy boy. I must say my show ring career with him has taken its sweet time but it was well worth it and I am very happy with the journey. 
Now we are on to the Agility ring where the is surpassing everything I could have every imagined. This boy is AMAZING! He has been in the agility ring for less than 6 months and already has his Novice jumpers and standard titles, his Open standard title (pending AKC approval) and is working on his Open jumpers title. I mean this boy is in Excellent already and he's been at this 6 months. Where will we be at in a year? I have no clue but I forsee a PAX and a PACH title in his future if I can keep up with him.
Until then Dag will be known as CH Storm Ridge Whistle While You Work NAP NJP OAP.

Dag's first attempt at Open Standard and his 1st Q and a 1st place.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Showing update and Agility

Well if you've been following my Facebook page you probably know Dag is at 7 points with a Major now! OFA-Good


DM-line Clear

PRA-line Clear

CERF- Normal (2013)
Cardiac- Normal (2014)
This is the most recent win picture going BOW at Mount Vernon, WA in 2013 which was the last show of 2013 for us.  Now that the new year has started we are back in the ring and also going to start showing in Agility too!

Dag agility training (novice). Please excuse the talking lol.

Speaking of agility here is Ms. Jasmine Fishstick's picture from last summer. It was very hot so she is soaking wet running agility, the best day ever for the "mine" dog. I'll have to update her video section soon as she is very good. Jasmine is now known as  Baledwr Sn Jasmine Fishstick NA NAJ with her CGC cert and instinct tested and is now running preferred. In all honesty she should have been doing more agility shows but we only get to show about two or three times a year especially when I was working nights. Two titles and two certificates not bad. She is currently working on her Open Preferred titles with 1 leg in her OPJ with her last show. This year we will be trying to get out more as we now have two dogs to run.

Well I'll have to update some more pictures soon of the kids as my computer server crashed which housed all my old photos so I lost a bunch. Thankfully I have this blog and Facebook for some beautiful memories.
Off for some more training.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Only 9 more to go!

So this weekend Dag and I were down at Puyallup for conformation. He showed great and came home with WD on Saturday for 1 more point. That makes 6 points with one major. Just one more major and 9 points to go. So proud of my goofy boy.
In other news his hips and elbow results from OFA are back. ( They are Good hips and normal Elbows :)
Super happy about that news too.

This month I will be very busy with dog shows. This weekend was Puyallup, next weekend I work, following weekend Agility with Jasmine and then after that Dag gets to strut his stuff again at Mount Vernon. Hopefully there will be a major there again this year.
And since I didn't get a picture of Dag yesterday, here's a picture of his major win a few months ago.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching up

Wow, it's been a long time. I'm not so good at this blogging thing. I spend way too much time surfing the internet reading about other people's posts to really sit down and write my own. So sorry to those of you who are looking for a frequent update about Dag and Jasmine and the rest of my furry crew, you'll just have to add me on Facebook which is where I spend most of my time.
That being said. It's been an interesting winter. I've been training Jasmine in agility so hopefully I can get some more title's on her. She is so funny though miss social butterfly. The last two show's she has decided that in the middle of the run she must go see either the judge or one of the ring stewards to make sure that they are real people and then she goes back to working. Silly girl. Currently she is in Open Standard and Novice Jumpers. Novice mainly because she gets bored and runs around like a goof ball forgetting that we are trying to be all professional and such. I have the summer show schedule planned out and I'm keeping my fingers crossed we do well.
Dag has been doing great. In addition to learning all  about agility  he has been showing very well in conformation. He has 5 points (pending akc approval), which includes a 3 point major! The last 3 shows he's been to he's placed so I'm glad to see that he's growing up into a very nice boy. He should also be making an agility debut here probably in September/November depending on how well he continues to do at class. Like Jasmine the Weave poles are hard for him and he's not so keen on the Teeter but that confidence will come with time.
The dogs have also appreciated my change in employment. Back in August I decided that working as a Vet Tech was just becoming too stressful. It was not conducive to a nice carefree lifestyle where I could have the weekends off and work a 9-5 job so I started looking for something different. Well I found it. I started working as an Insurance Saleswoman for State Farm. A great change for me where I get to talk to people all day long and learn about them and not have to worry about someone dying in the middle of my work shift. I must say I do love all of my co-workers and my boss. They are all very understanding that I do show dogs a couple times a month and I can't work every Saturday. It' makes it easier to get time off for dog shows and training and best of all I work from 9-6 and still have time for dog class!
Well I will try to update this more often and also add some of Dag's win Pictures. At the moment I have not really taken many pictures of anything this year which needs to change because spring is here.Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay. I'm off to go play Frisbee with the crew.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New addition and Dag (of course)

Well I'm so bad at blogging. Life has been good. I've gone back to working days and enjoying it. I've of course had foster kittens and well one of them has stayed. Her name is Q because Ben started calling her QCat and it just stuck. Not that we needed another cat but Ben really liked her and wanted her so this is His cat not mine as I already have 4 animals that are mine lol.

Other than that life has been boringish. We have been busy with the major comic convention of Washington and went to the Seattle Comicon and spent 3 days engrossed with nerds of all sorts. Unlike last year where I took bunches of pictures this year picture taking was sparse and I barely took 20 pictures. Must have been too engrossed in shopping to take notice.
Today was bath day and boy did everyone need it. Not only did all of the cats get bathed, so did Jasmine and Dag. The puppies got blow dried too as they are both shedding up a storm. So without further ado here is a picture of Jasmine being cute and some pictures of Dag all grown up :) and getting chesty. He has finally hit 37# and filling out. Jasmine on the other hand is um.. a little fat. She weighs 36.5# :( Now she's on the fat dog diet and getting back down to a reasonable weight. Silly girl still wants to eat everything but she is a corgi. lol

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I woke up this morning to my husband freeking out about "A FOOT OF SNOW" outside. I'm like sure there's a foot of snow that fell in the 8 hours I was asleep. Well I look out the window and yup he was right there's over a foot of snow that fell and it keeps coming down. Needless to say I'm not going to work tonight and my dogs are going to enjoy staying inside most of the day. I let them out to go potty and they both stared at me like.. "you want me to do what outside, ya right". So out I went to dig a trench for potty time and then promptly grabbed the camera for some much needed snow pictures to prove that yes I do indeed have over a foot of snow at my house. I do like how Dag is following Jasmine through her trenches so he doesn't get too cold. He did though venture to the tree in the yard to pee on it, and then came right back. Silly boy.
Without further ado, Corgi snow party. Boy does Jasmine love snow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good News :)

Well I have good news :) I'm going back to work on a day shift :) :) That means no more marathon night shifts and taking the dogs to work with me every night! YAY. I am going back to an old job of mine working for the Purrfect Pals cat shelter working in their Veterinary clinic. I start back there in two weeks, so that means only two more weeks of staying up all night.

In other news, Dag and Jasmine are being good dogs. Well they always are but they do test me on occasion whether it's defluffing toys or chewing on things that are not dog toys. Dag has for the moment, stopped chewing on wooden things, even with full access to the cat room. He's been good about realizing what Cat toys are and what dog toys are, smart boy. Jasmine is on the fat dog diet as somehow she's gotten a little pudgy in the last month or so :( she is not pleased. Dag has been switched to buffalo and venison from Jasmine's Wellness Core Oceanfish diet as it was not agreeing with his tummy anymore. He is very happy and is putting on weight again :) He's a scant 32# and he is thin. He definitely needs some weight to look his best. I'm thinking of getting him some more ring experience soon to keep him up to snuff. Anyway here are some pictures of tonight and please ignore the weird angle as it's a little off from my lack of photography skills tonight. 0.o I'm glad to see he's growing up, with more weight I think he'll look a lot better. Now for some more roadwork with him. I've been slacking due to it being pitch black when I'm getting up and going to sleep. Now that I'm going to be back to a real job I'll have time for more walks which the dogs will enjoy.
Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year and bless you all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Time

Well it's official in my house now, it's Christmas time. The tree went up this weekend and there is a wreath on the front door, and that's the extent of it. We really just don't do a lot of decorating for holidays but the tree makes me happy. Dag on the other hand is thankfully not interested in the tree he's more like "Mom WTF is that GIANT thing in the living room?!?!?" He gives it a really wide berth and keeps away from it, but I still don't trust him. He goes in his crate when we leave as we really don't want to come home to a decapitated tree.
As for other news Jasmine is officially going to preferred in Agility and is never running in dirt again. Last weekend we knocked bars in both jumpers and standard. She has been occasionally knocking a bar in class but it's been attributed to me pulling off to early and causing her to drop her hind end. The first bar dropped at the trial was my fault completely as I pulled off over a wider jump so she wouldn't take the tunnel in front of her and I saw her back end drop :( The Standard class again it was a wide jump, the FIRST jump, and down came the bars :( It also didn't help that it was a nice "warm" 32 degrees and we were in a horse arena with very little heat. I was not pleased as I was freezing and so was Jasmine even after a 5 minute Jog and a 15 minute warm up walk. It was a cold and crappy weekend.
To end the weekend, I woke up on Tuesday before work Sick. Yup completely sick. I stayed home yesterday but I'm feeling a tad bit better today so I'll head to work and hope its slow.
Off to Target for cold medicine and soup. Hope everyone has a Happy holiday season.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A very interesting article

I just came across this very interesting article from New York Times about the English Bulldog and I thought I would share.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dag at 13 months

So I'm finally slowed down at work and realized I haven't updated any pictures of Dag aka Dagwoo that bad dog. So without further ado, some not the greatest pictures, but I did them all myself with no help. I think his chest is starting to come down some since the first puppy pictures I have and I'm gonna see how he does next month in the ring. Hopefully the bad dog will get some more coat and grow up some more but it all takes time. He is still splayed in his left front and I don't know why. He was a little splayed as a puppy and now it's more obvious to me. Any ideas? too much turn or ? The third diget (count from the dewclaw out) is/ has always been raised up higher than the other toes and I'm thinking puppy injury? but it all just seems more obvious to me. I really think his shoulder is looking nicer and his movement is better as I've been working on going faster with him cause he can MOVE I just have to keep up with him.
He does look a little roached in the picture but it's the angle cause I just looked at him again and there is no roach when stacked.

Oh Dag. What am I going to do with you?

So Dag my good little boy has decided that he's a 8 week old puppy again and is chewing on EVERYTHING. Not just his chew bones but the TV trays, the Kitchen table, and lastly tonight at work his collar. Yuppers, his collar was found in his kennel in pieces ( insert very angry mom here). I have NO idea what his problem is, he's exercised, entertained, trained but must chew on something. I've started feeding him in his Cube toy/treat despenser and doing more training with him but OMG if he does not stop my husband might de-tooth him. J/K
Has anyone else experienced a late adolescent chewer?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dan Welsh Corgi

Ok.. lets start of by saying tonight has been a crazy night at work but this person takes the cake with being dumb.
client "Hi my Dan Welsh Corgi just ate a brownie."
me "Pardon, your what just ate a brownie?"
"my Dan Welsh Corgi"
"I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that breed how much does it weigh?"
"about 45-50 pounds"
"Ok and how many brownies did it eat?"
"Oh just one. Is he gonna die?"
"No mam' one brownie is not going to kill him. He'll probably just get an upset stomach." then I proceeded to go over other symptoms to watch for all while going (0.o) Dan Welsh Corgi?!?!??!
I am always amused when people have no clue what their dog is. I even googled it to see if there was some BYB selling corgi pups as a Dan Welsh Corgi and nope not a single thing. I have no idea what type of dog she has but I do pray that it's fixed.
Oh the calls I get at 2 am.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching up

Well it's been forever since I actually posted something on here. I've been a very busy lady between working 50+ hrs a week to going to dog classes twice a week to trying to have a social life I'm pooped. I'm finally done with my super hours at work, back to my normal schedule, for the moment, and am finding time for myself.
Dag and Jasmine have been hard at work becoming good dogs. Jasmine is doing great in agility and will be entered in some shows come January, just have to get her up to snuff. I'm planning on getting her NAJ and then dropping her to preferred as she is 6years old now and with her extreme out-turned front I'd like to keep her from breaking down anytime soon. With lots of low impact exercise and keeping her muscular I hope to keep her competitive for years to come.
Dag is now doing Rally and getting better each week. He's a lot slower at learning than Jasmine but Jasmine spoiled me and you know it really is much easier to train with one dog. Jasmine continually tries to butt in to what we are doing just to show me all of her tricks and get a cookie. Dag just stares at her like 0.o Silly boy. We're taking some time off from conformation to let Dag turn into a man since right now he's in that I'm an in between gawky teenage boy who has masculine features but still has acne :) Alas he will grow up to be a good looking man it will just take time.
I haven't taken any pictures of him in a while mainly cause I've been so dang busy but I promise to get some new ones up soon, as everyone needs a bath including the cats. I do find it quite amusing that out of all of my animals Jasmine is the only one who hates Bath time. I can't keep the dog out of a lake but when it comes to getting clean she runs for the hills. It's not that she's afraid of the tub since when I take a bath she tries to join me and play in it, it's the fact that she does NOT want to be clean. I swear the second she's out of a bath she runs outside to find the closest pile of bunny poop and roll in it. Mud puddle?? She's in it. She constantly has grass stains from rolling in god knows what in the lawn and SHE's supposed to be a pretty girl. Guess she's just a tomboy. Dag really is a pretty boy though, as soon as he's bathed he stays clean for a long time.
Well I guess I should get back to work. Long night, full moon, people with no teeth. It all makes for a very entertaining night.
My one plea to everyone is to Please Please PLEASE keep all of your medications far far away from your pets. Tonight I've seen two overdoses, one fatal (7month pup) and one may not make it through the night. Both could have been prevented by just keeping the medications in the bathroom and out of dogs reach.
Have a good day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eww eww and more eww. FLEAS

GAH.. Let me just start off by saying, I've never had a problem with fleas on my animals even though they go with me to work at the vet 3 days a week. They are routinely on Advantage and get regular baths (much to Jasmine's dislike).
Tonight a "good Samaritan" (using the term loosely as we do not house stray animals) brings in this little terrier mix that tried to go into a department store. Well she says's either we will take the animal or she'll let it go in our parking lot. Nice lady huh. Anyway we take in the dog and it's COVERED in fleas. Not just a few but a complete moving wave of fleas. Well since we don't keep unvaccinated unowed animals within our hospitalized patients, we move him straight to isolation and apply Frontline and give Capstar. For those of you who are not familiar with Capstar, it's a oral tablet that starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and is short acting. Great for getting rid of the fleas that are already on the pet and the Frontline keeps fleas from reproducing.
Well obviously about oh 100 flea's jumped ship between the front door and Isolation. Well guess where the all ended up? Yup you guessed it, on my DOG!
Poor Dag had flea's all over his scrotum, they were all over the floor. OMG they are everywhere. Needless to say everyone in the hospital has just been treated for fleas as a precaution. Dag got Capstar and Advantage again and I'm sitting here now pulling off fleas as they die. I stopped counting at 50. Gah I hate fleas.
So poor Dag has had a not so fun night of being eaten alive because of some not so nice good Samaratin decided to be a poop and dump a dog on us.
I now feel like I have fleas all over me. Again. I hate fleas.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ok Richland is official now.

Gah. My pocket book hurts but Richland is paid for. Good thing I've been working my butt off at work with extra hours to pay for shows. Hotel, paid. Show fees, paid. New dog show clothes, check. Clean dog....... well gonna have to work on that one. He's one FILTHY boy at the moment. Guess I'm gonna have to break out the whitening shampoo here soon. He's been enjoying being a boy and playing in the lake, then the dirt, then the lake like a good boy should.
Well see everyone in Richland.
Offer still stands if someone wants to split the room with me, one queen bed :)

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