Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long time.

Oh my it's been a long time since I've been on here. There is so much to catch up on.
First things first, Ben and I bought a house! Yup a house of our very own and boy do we (and the animals) LOVE IT. We went from a whole 600 sqft to 2600 sqft. I almost don't know what to do with myself, Almost. I finally have my own pet room/relaxation room. Yes I know those two are almost an oxymoron but I do enjoy my time with the sometimes annoying cats. It's nice to have them have their cat tree and litter box out of the main house area. Don't worry, they still have access to the whole house, but those kitties get into everything and with people delivering things all the time it's nice to have a room that I can put them in for the afternoon and not worry about them peeing on something because their mad. Jasmine also shares this room, she has her crate, another dog bed (which she normally shares with Hazy aka Demon Spawn) and oh yah my husband said she needed another bed so..... she has a TWIN BED, yes you read that right a HUMAN twin bed that is on the floor just for her, sheets/comforter/pillows and all. Well wouldn't you know she would much rather sleep with mom and dad on the brand new Sleep number bed! >) Spoiled? Sometimes.
The house also has an office that Ben can work out of... Can because well it's been a MONTH and I still do NOT HAVE INTERNET! For Nerds like us that's pretty much a reason to go completely postal and take out everyone at the ISP, but we are rational nerds and we only kill zombies and the such, so I guess the installers are safe, for the moment. >( So without Internet or TV, we have resorted to watching shows on our computers, dvd and the such. It's nice to be able to watch a full season of something in a night, but the same shows get old after awhile.
Jasmine is very happy with the new house as she has a full acre to play in and as soon as spring comes it will be fenced in for her enjoyment. Right now Frapping outside consists of Flexi time or going to G'ma's. She has also learned that she can do a HUGE figure eight in our house between the animal room and the living room so on super rainy days when she doesn't really want to go outside, she and Hazy see who can run the fastest around the living room. I'm pretty sure Hazy wins because she is like lightning.
Other than the house, Ben is taking over more Management responsiblilities at his work, he's already Engineering Manager but because he's so amazing at his job they're giving him more :)
I'm finally at the point in my Vet Tech career that I can apply to become a Licenced Vet Tech and hopefully by this time next year I'll have my licence, or shortly afterwards. This is something I've been wanting for a long time and due to Life I chose to do 5 years of on the job training versus 2 years of schooling, but I'm happy with my decision.
I've probably forgotten a bunch else that has happened but it probably wasn't that important.
We hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season. And please please please, keep the puppies away from Chocolate. I've seen and smelt too many chocolate dogs already this year.

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