Friday, June 10, 2011

Dag update

So Dag is all cleaned and ready for the show tomorrow so I thought I should get some updated pictures for everyone. Please excuse the poofy butt as I'm hoping it will finish going down by tomorrow(he had just been blow dried). I think over all the pictures turned out okay I prefer his Right side picture to the left mainly because I don't think he's stretched enough on the Left. I still can't decide which Front I like better maybe someone can give me some pointers.
See everyone tomorrow! Puyallup here we come :P

Right Side
Left Side
Front 1
Front 2


Well I've decided to pull Jasmine from her agility trial :( I know it's the best for her but darnit I really wanted to take her. She's been so bummed that she's been on house arrest I figured she'd bounce right back but alas, I can dream right? So I guess I'll sit down at the computer again and figure out when I should potentially enter her again.
Silly girl just had to hurt her poor foot again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Busy Summer.

Well this spring has already been busy and it looks like summer will continue the trend. Right now I have 2 dogs, 2 adult cats, 1 8 week old kitten and 1 3 week old kitten in my house. I am up every couple of hours for bottle feeding (which I love), or letting the dogs out or feeding them. I've got my "show schedule" started for the summer, between Conformation with Dag and Agility with Jasmine I'm bound to stay busy. I actually have a number of a gentleman who trains Pems for herding and he only lives and works 20 minutes away ! :P so hopefully Dag and Jasmine will get some sheep work soon. I've signed back up for the gym, which is definitely needed as I am not getting the exercise I should working nights.
This weekend I"m off to Puyallup with Dag where he will hopefully be a good boy and not try to lick the judges to death. He is 8 months and full of himself and he must be the center of attention.
Two weekends from now is Jasmines Agility trial which I was looking forward to. Right now I'm debating on pulling her because I had to pull her from class for 6 weeks with a soft tissue injury ( x-rays were clear of any fractures) and yesterday after 2 weeks of no limping, decided to bang her foot again and intermittently limp. Grrrrrrr. I guess I have 2 weeks to see how she does, I was just really excited to get her back out in the ring. And she so misses class, every Monday she looks at me, looks at the garage door like "class???" She doesn't understand why we haven't been on long walks, rollerblading or beach trips :( Sad corgi.
Hopefully a little Rimadyl and a couple more days of bed rest and she'll be good as new. She's so close to her NAJ, one more Q and we'l have it. Stinking foot.
Well I guess I should go back to cuddling my pooches as they snooze by my feet.
See everyone at Puyallup!

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