Sunday, January 19, 2014

Showing update and Agility

Well if you've been following my Facebook page you probably know Dag is at 7 points with a Major now! OFA-Good


DM-line Clear

PRA-line Clear

CERF- Normal (2013)
Cardiac- Normal (2014)
This is the most recent win picture going BOW at Mount Vernon, WA in 2013 which was the last show of 2013 for us.  Now that the new year has started we are back in the ring and also going to start showing in Agility too!

Dag agility training (novice). Please excuse the talking lol.

Speaking of agility here is Ms. Jasmine Fishstick's picture from last summer. It was very hot so she is soaking wet running agility, the best day ever for the "mine" dog. I'll have to update her video section soon as she is very good. Jasmine is now known as  Baledwr Sn Jasmine Fishstick NA NAJ with her CGC cert and instinct tested and is now running preferred. In all honesty she should have been doing more agility shows but we only get to show about two or three times a year especially when I was working nights. Two titles and two certificates not bad. She is currently working on her Open Preferred titles with 1 leg in her OPJ with her last show. This year we will be trying to get out more as we now have two dogs to run.

Well I'll have to update some more pictures soon of the kids as my computer server crashed which housed all my old photos so I lost a bunch. Thankfully I have this blog and Facebook for some beautiful memories.
Off for some more training.

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