Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November/December Catch up

Wow November really went by in a flash and now December is almost over. How time flies.
Well there is a lot to catch up on. I've been working a little less lately thanks to having a full clinic staff. So I've been having more time to take the dogs out and work them and let them play.


Less work=more time for agility, which is going really well except that Jasmine STILL does not want to do off side weaves.. which is VERY VERY annoying. She'll do them just fine in practice runs (no course just random obsticles) and what not but as soon as you start your course she's like... "Hmmm Nah I'm just going to stand here and bark at you till you go to the other side, then I'll still bark at you but I'll do them". Naughty dog ;P She is doing wonderful though.

Last week in the middle of her second run on the course she tripped coming off the teeter (don't worry no injuries), then gathered her footing and cleared the following jump even though it was only about 4 strides infront of the teeter. I was laughing so hard because it looked like something out of a 3 Stooges skit and she just kept going. I just ended up running and pointing to obsticles amist the laughing and finished the whole course without knocking anything over. Glad it was just a practice lesson otherwise we would have been the laughing stock at a trial. Soon enough though. I'm pretty sure when we get her weaves stronger I'll be able to feel confident in putting her into a trial and not turn it into a Frap session.

-- Razzie--
A couple weeks ago I went out to my parents house and let Razzie run with the boys and the rest of the pack to get some socialization and exercise. Well it turns out she could care less about the boys but when it comes to ANY female dog being near her she turns into something out the exorcist, hair on end and everything. Pretty much confirming my ongoing theory that she's just a cranky ol' bat who's female dog aggressive. Horray! *note the sarcasm
Here are some nice picts of the walk in the woods with the Boys (german shorthair pointers) and Razzie bringing up the rear.

We're free!

Nice moss covered tree next to the trail.

What You said COOKIE??

Going home.

On top of the pretty much confirmed female dog aggression, she's been noticeably less responsive to comands, less energetic, and having more and more mood swings. Pretty sure she's starting to lose it. She's now starting to take Anipril which is a medication to help slow the process of becoming senile, although I don't know how far we will let the Mood swings progress, especially if she endangers the cat. The dogs are seperated 99% of the time, which sucks by the way.

We will continue to make her comfortable and happy as long as we can.


On a better note, we, like the rest of the PNW, have been getting SNOW! Oh the dogs just love it. Well the first night they did. Jasmine and Razzie were both enjoying sniffing it and running around in it but now I'm pretty sure they're ready for the snow to go so they don't get the back end cold when it comes to potty time. Snow's suposed to be here till after christmas but we'll see.
Jasmine and Daddy- He just finished sweeping the stairs and she really wanted him to kick the snow up so she could snap at it :)

Jasmine the no legged levetating warp-speed dog! (too bad it turned out so blurry, but she was going at warp-speed through the snow)
Looking out the front door.

And now we sit here waiting for more snow.

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