Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meowing Guest

So we had a visitor last weekend. I've promised Ben that I would not bring my work home with me. Work being kittens. Well I didn't bring kittens home I brought A kitten home, see BIG difference. It was just for a couple days mainly because the kitten needed round the clock care, meds, force feeding etc. Jasmine and Razzie were quite interested in this "thing" as neither of them have seen kittens in the house before. Emmy the cat doesn't count because she acts more like a dog than a cat, although she was NOT amused by this meowing annoying kitten. All the kitten did was meow, kneed your leg and try to cuddle with the dogs. Although when she realised that it was a dog she slapped it and hissed, then went right back to rubbing on the dog. Maybe she has very bad short term memory.Needless to say after 3 nights of this kitten it was well enough to go back to work and the house returned to the norm.

Mom what is this thing?
Which is all this thing did, meow.

After everything calmed down a little Emmy and Jasmine got to go out for a nice walk up the driveway to get the mail. Yes my cat goes outside on a leash.She was hand raised by humans, not raised with other cats and the time that she was allowed outside she almost was eaten by something and we had to stitch her back together so she's an indoor only kitty. All this being said she's not very bright and WILL be eaten by something if allowed to go outside by herself. (yes I know I'm the crazy overprotective cat lady, I'm quite aware) We have some roaming dogs, bobcats, deer and other strange nocturnal creatures that she would not be able to fend off, so outside time is on a leash. My neighbors get a kick out of it, especially in the summer when she's outside sitting on the floating dock sunning herself while we go swimming. Yes she's a very strange cat.
"Up the driveway we go"
Nom nom nom.. Grass is yummy

Oh yes and here is something that doesn't happen very often. Jasmine and Razzie together, peaceful. Oh to have more days like this. Why do the old dogs get so cranky as they age?

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