Thursday, April 21, 2011

A thank you to good breeders.

Lets just say I had a long long night at work and made a very "special" friend.

Now lets begin.

I want to say thank you to all of the good breeders out there that realise that sometimes whelping doesn't go as planned. I thank you for having the forsight to think ahead and PLAN for the unexpected. I thank you for being thoughtful enough to be financially responsible for your endever in breeding. I thank you for being intelligent in your breeding practices to not breed a HUGE dog to a small bitch and think that everything will go smoothly every time. I thank you for breeding dogs for the love of the breed, not because you just happen to have a boy and a girl dog and want to see the miracle of child birth. The miracle of child birth can be seen on TLC all throughout the day and it's much cheaper.
I thank the breeders who understand that Veterinary medicine, especially Emergency, is a buisness and services rendered equals payment. I thank those who do not get upset at the person on the other end of the phone when they have been walked through the entire labor process and when are told that ok now we have an emergency, they don't go BONKERS and loose their heads.
I thank the good breeders, who have done their research and know what to expect and know what could inevitably happen and plan for it. I thank those of you who do not spend all night talking to the Emergency attendant about things that have nothing to do with the dog in labor who needs a c-section. I thank those of you who when they do call do not put me on speaker phone with the entire room, it's just very irritating. I thank those of you who understand that yes you can tell the sexes of the puppies the moment they are born. The penis and vagina do not magically appear days after birth. ( I hit my head on a wall for that one).

And last but not least.
I thank you all for breeding for quality not quantity.

Alright I'll stop ranting now.
I am waiting for my 3rd call tonight though about a dystocia as last night I had two!

Friday, April 15, 2011

So today we got our grooming table and a bunch of new toys for summer, life vests included. Dag thought that the grooming table was SUPER fun since we've been practicing at work on our treatment tables. Every time he gets on our table at work he's like "cookies??" Ours at work is hydrolic (sp?) and is always on the floor so he hops right up and stacks himself :) such a good boy.
Anyway, here are some better pictures of him from today. Don't worry. I am actually in the picture I just magically took myself out. He will not be taking any flying lessons.

Left side
Right side

Oh and here is the photo dump of the week.

Jasmine did not want to be left out of course, and yes she really is that red in real life.

Does this make my butt look big?

I find it funny that they both run around the house with each end of that toy in their mouths like a pair of horses.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dag @ 6 months

So I know Keith and Jo have wanted to see some updated pictures of Dag so here they are. The first ones are from today at work. They are not the best pictures of him due to them being a little at an angle but he was good for them. The second set are on Facebook and are from him at 5 1/2 months. He is a little stretched and one is a little blurry but taking pictures by yourself is a little hard :)
I did post new videos of him gaiting, they are from 3-16-11 and today.
Today's videos
There are also some fun videos of what the dogs do when we get home from work. People ask me why it takes me two hours to get to sleep at home... it's because the corgis are Frapping for two hours!
I love having slow nights at work so I get plenty of time to play with the poopies.

Facebook link for 5 1/2 month pictures.

I am so glad to see Bode and the rest of the gang growing up so nicely. Keith, Jo, Carolyn and Mandy you all have outdone yourselves.

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