Saturday, July 30, 2011

Richland show anyone?

Just wanted to put it out there and find out if anyone is going to the September show in Richland? I am debating on taking Dag but was wondering if anyone wanted to split hotel fees/room with me. I tentatively planning on going the whole time but trying to figure out the pocket book. I am driving from Stanwood Wa, so I would be showing up Thursday afternoon I think.
Please feel free to call or email me.
juarez _ Bl (at)
360 630 3918.

Brittany J.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mt Vernon, Dog park and Swimming

This weekend Dag and I got to meet up with Keith and Jo from Stormridge Cardigans at the Mt. Vernon Show. Dag was very excited to see the rest of his family and I was happy to be able to show them the progress that the poopy and I were making. I am very pleased with how Dag is turning out and can't be more thankful that they have entrusted me and my husband with this great boy.
Dag showed well on Saturday and Sunday going 1st place over Bode his brother and also getting reserve both days. Lucy finished Saturday and then went up against her Daddy Pi on Sunday.
After having to be a super clean boy for two days we took everyone to the dog park and let them have some much needed play time. They definitely wore themselves out and enjoyed time together.
Monday of course was the fourth so we kept it pretty quiet although I did have a few people out at the lake with me. Not to be forgotten, I took the dogs to the lake on Tuesday to let them play to their hearts content. Dag has not taken to the water as much as Jasmine but he's getting the hang of it. Jasmine is a fish and you can't keep her out of the lake. She also LOVES it when you put her on the floating dock and let her jump off of it. Dag seeing this swam the whole 10 feet to the floating dock and I helped him up. He then proceeded to just trot around on it and watch Jasmine be a goof. I keep the floating dock in so that the young family members can climb up on it so it only sits in like 4 feet of water. Perfect for me (the family midget) and the youngins.
I must say I do love the pictures of Jasmine flying into the water and Dag gaiting.

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