Sunday, June 20, 2010

Herding Instinct. Does she have it?

Saturday was a wonderful day. Jasmine, Ben, Danya ( my sister-in law) and I all headed down to Ewetopia in Roy, Washington for the Pembrook club's Herding Instinct Test.
First thing Jasmine got to do was play with all the Pems. She was so happy to have someone her own size to play with. There were over 30 entries in the test so she had plenty of pups to play with.

Anyone recognize these two???
Yup it's Nikki! and her Pemi friend. Sorry Carolyn and Cheri I forgot her name.

And now for Jasmine. She was so excited the whole time watching everyone else, since she was a Cardi she was at the end but boy did she put on a show for everyone!
As soon as the sheep were released she brought them right up to the shepherd and never let them leave her side, no matter what.
I love this shot as she's "wooing" at the sheep.

Jasmine never let the sheep leave her side. Every time the trainer tried to get the sheep to split, Jasmine automatically put them back in a herd. I'm so proud of my girl . Thank you Carolyn sooooo much!

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