Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November/December Catch up

Wow November really went by in a flash and now December is almost over. How time flies.
Well there is a lot to catch up on. I've been working a little less lately thanks to having a full clinic staff. So I've been having more time to take the dogs out and work them and let them play.


Less work=more time for agility, which is going really well except that Jasmine STILL does not want to do off side weaves.. which is VERY VERY annoying. She'll do them just fine in practice runs (no course just random obsticles) and what not but as soon as you start your course she's like... "Hmmm Nah I'm just going to stand here and bark at you till you go to the other side, then I'll still bark at you but I'll do them". Naughty dog ;P She is doing wonderful though.

Last week in the middle of her second run on the course she tripped coming off the teeter (don't worry no injuries), then gathered her footing and cleared the following jump even though it was only about 4 strides infront of the teeter. I was laughing so hard because it looked like something out of a 3 Stooges skit and she just kept going. I just ended up running and pointing to obsticles amist the laughing and finished the whole course without knocking anything over. Glad it was just a practice lesson otherwise we would have been the laughing stock at a trial. Soon enough though. I'm pretty sure when we get her weaves stronger I'll be able to feel confident in putting her into a trial and not turn it into a Frap session.

-- Razzie--
A couple weeks ago I went out to my parents house and let Razzie run with the boys and the rest of the pack to get some socialization and exercise. Well it turns out she could care less about the boys but when it comes to ANY female dog being near her she turns into something out the exorcist, hair on end and everything. Pretty much confirming my ongoing theory that she's just a cranky ol' bat who's female dog aggressive. Horray! *note the sarcasm
Here are some nice picts of the walk in the woods with the Boys (german shorthair pointers) and Razzie bringing up the rear.

We're free!

Nice moss covered tree next to the trail.

What You said COOKIE??

Going home.

On top of the pretty much confirmed female dog aggression, she's been noticeably less responsive to comands, less energetic, and having more and more mood swings. Pretty sure she's starting to lose it. She's now starting to take Anipril which is a medication to help slow the process of becoming senile, although I don't know how far we will let the Mood swings progress, especially if she endangers the cat. The dogs are seperated 99% of the time, which sucks by the way.

We will continue to make her comfortable and happy as long as we can.


On a better note, we, like the rest of the PNW, have been getting SNOW! Oh the dogs just love it. Well the first night they did. Jasmine and Razzie were both enjoying sniffing it and running around in it but now I'm pretty sure they're ready for the snow to go so they don't get the back end cold when it comes to potty time. Snow's suposed to be here till after christmas but we'll see.
Jasmine and Daddy- He just finished sweeping the stairs and she really wanted him to kick the snow up so she could snap at it :)

Jasmine the no legged levetating warp-speed dog! (too bad it turned out so blurry, but she was going at warp-speed through the snow)
Looking out the front door.

And now we sit here waiting for more snow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meowing Guest

So we had a visitor last weekend. I've promised Ben that I would not bring my work home with me. Work being kittens. Well I didn't bring kittens home I brought A kitten home, see BIG difference. It was just for a couple days mainly because the kitten needed round the clock care, meds, force feeding etc. Jasmine and Razzie were quite interested in this "thing" as neither of them have seen kittens in the house before. Emmy the cat doesn't count because she acts more like a dog than a cat, although she was NOT amused by this meowing annoying kitten. All the kitten did was meow, kneed your leg and try to cuddle with the dogs. Although when she realised that it was a dog she slapped it and hissed, then went right back to rubbing on the dog. Maybe she has very bad short term memory.Needless to say after 3 nights of this kitten it was well enough to go back to work and the house returned to the norm.

Mom what is this thing?
Which is all this thing did, meow.

After everything calmed down a little Emmy and Jasmine got to go out for a nice walk up the driveway to get the mail. Yes my cat goes outside on a leash.She was hand raised by humans, not raised with other cats and the time that she was allowed outside she almost was eaten by something and we had to stitch her back together so she's an indoor only kitty. All this being said she's not very bright and WILL be eaten by something if allowed to go outside by herself. (yes I know I'm the crazy overprotective cat lady, I'm quite aware) We have some roaming dogs, bobcats, deer and other strange nocturnal creatures that she would not be able to fend off, so outside time is on a leash. My neighbors get a kick out of it, especially in the summer when she's outside sitting on the floating dock sunning herself while we go swimming. Yes she's a very strange cat.
"Up the driveway we go"
Nom nom nom.. Grass is yummy

Oh yes and here is something that doesn't happen very often. Jasmine and Razzie together, peaceful. Oh to have more days like this. Why do the old dogs get so cranky as they age?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another day another Agility course

So we've had two more lessons since our last post. They've both gone surprizingly well. I really am waiting for her to decide that she just wants to be crazy and Frap around the course.
We are in pre-novice class but our courses are Excellent courses. Basically the thinking is if we can do excellents we should be able to Ace the Novice courses. In theory this will work if we can actually remember the whole thing. I wish we had big flags with the #'s on them, it would help but they have little like 4 inch cones with the #'s on them which is hard to see when you're running around at a million miles an hour trying to keep up with the dog.
Jasmine did very well able to do the weaves better, we're working on doing offside entry, which is confusing her and she barks at me to tell me that Hey your supposed to be on the other side of me mom! Our biggest mishap was of course Handler error. The first have and the second have have 3 same obstacles, a tunnel, a jump and another tunnel. The first half is Tunnel, jump tunnel. the second half is Jump, tunnel, tunnel. Well I kept trying to send her Jump Tunnel tunnel in the first half and she kept doing Tunnel jump jump. I was getting very frustrated and then someone pointed out I was asking her to do it backwards and since we had done it correctly once before, she was telling me mom you are telling me to do it wrong, I'm doing it right. Silly me. She still got cookies and a tug toy cause she did it right and I did it wrong.
We also worked on the serpentine which we haven't done in a very very long time and out of the entire class of 9 dogs, we were the only one who nailed it on the first try :) Yay for Corgi memory. My biggest "fear" obsticle is the Teeter. She does it great but last year she decided to do the SUPER CORGI off it at top speed and scared me to death. I'm really bad at telling her easy before it making her slow down. Asking a dog to slow down who does flying contacts tends to slow down your times and makes the dog more tired because they have to make up for the lost momentum. Well I'm going to have to work on trusting the dog and not my crazy voice in my head.
Well. Off to bed. Work calls bright and early.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Back to Agilty after a YEAR off

So Monday was Jasmine's and my first day back to Agility class since last year. This has been because of my work schedule, class schedule etc/etc. Thankfully though, last Valentines day I came home to "home made" to AKC standard Weave Poles and a 12 inch variable height jump. Well over the past year we've created a small dog agilty area up the property to keep the equipment on and have an area other than the front yard to practice in.
So Monday. I'm thinking, she's not been to class in a year, she's gonna go BANANAS when she sees Julie ( one of her favorite people-mainly for the cheeze), our trainer. Not to mention that there are soo many obsticles that she loves that she has not done in sooo long. We started out the class by doing a Novice course including a tire and the A Frame. Frame, never has been a problem. The tire, that's a compeletly different story. I'm a corgi, I'm short, I can easily go under that why should I go through it. Well we didnt even warm up on the course we just went. and BOY did SHE FLY. I forgot how fast that girl is. She was probably 12 feet infront of me and I'm just yelling obsticles and pointing and she nailed every single one of them. She did Cross infronts/behinds, went through the tire (first try) through the tunnels and finished without knocking a single bar down. Oh we were sooo happy and yes she did bark the entire time.
The next session we did included the A Frame, Weaves, Tire, broad jump and again many many jumps. The entire set went really really well until.... the weaves. :( Definately need to pull them out and work on them some more. She has the concept down but exicution is a different story. She breaks or does the I'm a Corgi, Why should I thing. Very irritating. Either way the day ended on her being able to run around like a lunatic jumping every jump in sight. I can't wait for a match, she will do very very well in a jumpers class.
Well that's all for the moment. We will continue our work with weaves and hopefully do better next week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Long time no post, Alot to catch up on.

Well as you can see it's been a long time since we've posted. The summer has already come and gone but let me catch you up on the girls. Ms. Jasmine has decided that buterflies also known as "boo flies" are very very yummy and a ball to chase. She finally has got the jump in the air and bite at them down to an art and is catching them on a regular basis. I think the cooler weather is finally slowing them down enough for her to catch them.
"AH hAA Igotted you!"
"MMM snack time"

If you look really close at her mouth in this picture you'll see the butterfly.

"Rolling on the poor boofly"

Not only did Jasmine have a good time this summer playing with butterflies, she also has been tempted again by our resident duck "Peepers" and her batch of ducklings. This is the first time Peepers has had a batch of ducklings live to adulthood. All previous babies have been picked off by the Offsprey before they had the chance to grow. These ducks are unfortunately very very tame mainly due to Peepers being raised by my neighbors a couple years ago, so they tend to live on the property during the summer time. Being tame though does have its good points, upclose and personal pictures. Jasmine was not pleased at this photoshoot as I made her down stay for about 1/2 hour while I took photos.

"Good Dog"

"Brave ducks"

"pahhhlleease let me get them!"

Summer has ended and fall is here, time for our Halloween Dress up :) Unfortunately they do not make "Corgi" sized costumes. Here is the costume I got for Jasmine, a medium which I thought would be long/large enough for her. http://apparelandaccessories.petedge.com/assets/product_images/styles/medium/ZA539_230X230.JPG Well I was wrong, it doesn't fit her, doesn't fit Razzie very well BUT it does fit the cat :) Yes the cat is wearing the costume. Emmy is a very good kitty and doesn't mind being kitty tourtured as long as there are treats and pets.

"Razzie getting into the spirit of Halloween"

Corgi ears are not made for costumes

"Emmy NOT Amused"

"Ok Fine, I'll let you take my picture, but I'm still not amused"

Ok so that's enough catching up for now. There is probably more still to add but I'll just have to add it later.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to make a corgi a giraffe

Okay so poor Razzie has hotspots, again! I have been treating them at home but today they were getting beyond home-care so off to work we went. We ended up clipping her naked, cleaning her, getting an antibiotic shot, getting more antibiotics to go home, and turned her into a giraffe in the process.

Lets just say that she is not amused. She is spending most of her time hiding under Bens computer chair sulking. Thankfully this is only for a couple days till the antibiotics kick in full force and they're not so itchy. I've decided that the hot spots are seasonal. Food changes haven't made a big difference, and they come about around the season changes. So I'm gonna blame them on pollen.

If you're wondering why she has a cervical collar on and not an elizabethan collar (e-collar or cone collar) it's because the e-collar rubs right on the bottom of the hot spot. The Cervical collar just misses it and she can't reach her armpits or back leg , where more hot spots are :(

On another note. Jasmine is getting very good at stupid dog tricks. She knows the obvious ones, sit, stay, heel, come, etc. But she now knows her right foot from her left, left being her best side.

Very excited "left"!

Will leave treats alone that sit on her feet.

She is very good at sad puppy eyes though.

I'm not looking.

Please please it's right there!

And we're working on rollover. The only problem we have is she only rolls one way. :P

Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow?? It's March

Okay so yesterday I thought the weather was just a fluke. Like a strange thunderstorm rolling through, but no. We had snow/hail yesterday for like 5 hours, which the dogs loved.And you know you MUST play Frisbee in the snow. It makes it so much more fun.

Today I wake up to this crazy blizzard like snowstorm. Thankfully it's not huge flakes or anything but its still sticking to the ground. But seriously this is from yesterday, you could see across the lake:

Today you can see to the end of the dock. Woo hoo for snow! The girls have to go do their daily rounds around the front yard to make sure there are no evils (ducks) hiding in the lawn. You never know with all this white stuff falling from the sky.
Razzie actually caught one a couple days ago which impressed me. It's an amazing feat for an 11yr old girl with arthritis. All she caught here was a snowflake in her eye.

Thankfully I don't have to go back to work till Sunday.
No work means more time to play with the Corgwn children outside. Toss some snowballs chase ducks and all other things fun to snow loving Corgwn.

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