Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to make a corgi a giraffe

Okay so poor Razzie has hotspots, again! I have been treating them at home but today they were getting beyond home-care so off to work we went. We ended up clipping her naked, cleaning her, getting an antibiotic shot, getting more antibiotics to go home, and turned her into a giraffe in the process.

Lets just say that she is not amused. She is spending most of her time hiding under Bens computer chair sulking. Thankfully this is only for a couple days till the antibiotics kick in full force and they're not so itchy. I've decided that the hot spots are seasonal. Food changes haven't made a big difference, and they come about around the season changes. So I'm gonna blame them on pollen.

If you're wondering why she has a cervical collar on and not an elizabethan collar (e-collar or cone collar) it's because the e-collar rubs right on the bottom of the hot spot. The Cervical collar just misses it and she can't reach her armpits or back leg , where more hot spots are :(

On another note. Jasmine is getting very good at stupid dog tricks. She knows the obvious ones, sit, stay, heel, come, etc. But she now knows her right foot from her left, left being her best side.

Very excited "left"!

Will leave treats alone that sit on her feet.

She is very good at sad puppy eyes though.

I'm not looking.

Please please it's right there!

And we're working on rollover. The only problem we have is she only rolls one way. :P

Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow?? It's March

Okay so yesterday I thought the weather was just a fluke. Like a strange thunderstorm rolling through, but no. We had snow/hail yesterday for like 5 hours, which the dogs loved.And you know you MUST play Frisbee in the snow. It makes it so much more fun.

Today I wake up to this crazy blizzard like snowstorm. Thankfully it's not huge flakes or anything but its still sticking to the ground. But seriously this is from yesterday, you could see across the lake:

Today you can see to the end of the dock. Woo hoo for snow! The girls have to go do their daily rounds around the front yard to make sure there are no evils (ducks) hiding in the lawn. You never know with all this white stuff falling from the sky.
Razzie actually caught one a couple days ago which impressed me. It's an amazing feat for an 11yr old girl with arthritis. All she caught here was a snowflake in her eye.

Thankfully I don't have to go back to work till Sunday.
No work means more time to play with the Corgwn children outside. Toss some snowballs chase ducks and all other things fun to snow loving Corgwn.

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