Friday, September 2, 2011

Eww eww and more eww. FLEAS

GAH.. Let me just start off by saying, I've never had a problem with fleas on my animals even though they go with me to work at the vet 3 days a week. They are routinely on Advantage and get regular baths (much to Jasmine's dislike).
Tonight a "good Samaritan" (using the term loosely as we do not house stray animals) brings in this little terrier mix that tried to go into a department store. Well she says's either we will take the animal or she'll let it go in our parking lot. Nice lady huh. Anyway we take in the dog and it's COVERED in fleas. Not just a few but a complete moving wave of fleas. Well since we don't keep unvaccinated unowed animals within our hospitalized patients, we move him straight to isolation and apply Frontline and give Capstar. For those of you who are not familiar with Capstar, it's a oral tablet that starts killing fleas in 30 minutes and is short acting. Great for getting rid of the fleas that are already on the pet and the Frontline keeps fleas from reproducing.
Well obviously about oh 100 flea's jumped ship between the front door and Isolation. Well guess where the all ended up? Yup you guessed it, on my DOG!
Poor Dag had flea's all over his scrotum, they were all over the floor. OMG they are everywhere. Needless to say everyone in the hospital has just been treated for fleas as a precaution. Dag got Capstar and Advantage again and I'm sitting here now pulling off fleas as they die. I stopped counting at 50. Gah I hate fleas.
So poor Dag has had a not so fun night of being eaten alive because of some not so nice good Samaratin decided to be a poop and dump a dog on us.
I now feel like I have fleas all over me. Again. I hate fleas.

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