Thursday, October 28, 2010

OMG... bad puppies

Ok so this week must be making up for all the lack of emergencies last week. Tonight has been pretty steady with minor emergencies which is good, it keeps me busy but Oh.... Bad Bad Puppies!
The last two nights we have had two seperate 12 week old puppies(different breeds, but both 12 pounds) come in because they jumped the wrong way and broke the toes in their left foot. Now how randomly strange is that? I'm expecting one more tomorrow night as emergencies tend to come in threes. First puppy was a Cattle dog mix, this one is a Ausi.... next one I'm guessing a Kelpie? Corgi? Idk I'm just counting the hours till this puppy goes home because it obviously has not been socialized to being in a crate, it's a submissive pee'er, has been screaming at the top of its lungs for 5 HOURS because it's in a kennel, is on a sedative and heavy duty pain med! OMD the Dr finally was like, just let it out of the kennel and let it sit with you because it's driving us both crazy.
Thank fully I always bring some of Jasmine's "busy" toys with her like kongs and brain teaser toys so I've loaded those up with food and locked the puppy and I into a little receptionist closet and am doing paperwork. I'm doing my best not to get up and make too much noise and ignore the annoying puppy.
With that said.....
THANK YOU CAROLYN SO MUCH for making Jasmine such a well rounded puppy from the beginning. I'm so glad we never went through a night like this with her, she's always been such a good girl and unfortunately she's not with me at work tonight otherwise maybe she could keep the puppy occupied. Oh wait, I think the puppy is , yup napping. Hopefully she'll fall into a deep sleep and I can just take my shoes off and finish some stuff in the other room.
Oh and to everyone with a puppy around 12 weeks of age. PLEASE lock up your puppies tomorrow as I do not really want to splint another left leg on a herding dog :)
Good night or Good morning to all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ok so let's start by saying Ben and I are finally purchasing a house and he's agreed that Ms Jasmine Fishstick needs a play mate, Tarter Sauce.. JUST KIDDING, he's got the naming dogs after food out of his system I promise. But on a more serious note I am looking into getting another puppy sometime soon and so I've been doing back ground research on Cardiridge Red Hot Lover so I went to Cardiped and typed in Jasmine's name and I think they know something I don't know cause her name came up as Baledwr SN Jasmine Fishstick NA NAJ... We did have an agilty trial a couple weeks ago but she decided to go retard on me, be afraid of the judge and messed up pretty bad so I didn't think she Q'd.. But maybe she did. Idk. I was frustrated so I pulled her for the rest of the day and I'm glad I did because the next day I realised she had crystals in her urine again which is probably part of why she was screwing around, she didn't feel good.
Anyway Jasmine is back on her Methioform to disolve any crystals and Dad and I have remade the rule of NO PEOPLE FOOD for the CORGI! NONE! She's fine when she just gets her diet and her specific treats but damn the grain gods they mess up her PH every time. Thankfully the local petstore just had their yearly sale of buy one get one 1/2 off so we stocked up on food for her and her kitty friends.

So... anyone know of any potential Red litters in the making? I know I know, harder to come by but the man of the house preffers reds. I keep trying to make him look at the beautiful blues but he says their eyes suck peoples souls from them LOL.

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