Sunday, June 9, 2013

Only 9 more to go!

So this weekend Dag and I were down at Puyallup for conformation. He showed great and came home with WD on Saturday for 1 more point. That makes 6 points with one major. Just one more major and 9 points to go. So proud of my goofy boy.
In other news his hips and elbow results from OFA are back. ( They are Good hips and normal Elbows :)
Super happy about that news too.

This month I will be very busy with dog shows. This weekend was Puyallup, next weekend I work, following weekend Agility with Jasmine and then after that Dag gets to strut his stuff again at Mount Vernon. Hopefully there will be a major there again this year.
And since I didn't get a picture of Dag yesterday, here's a picture of his major win a few months ago.

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