Monday, August 22, 2011

Ok Richland is official now.

Gah. My pocket book hurts but Richland is paid for. Good thing I've been working my butt off at work with extra hours to pay for shows. Hotel, paid. Show fees, paid. New dog show clothes, check. Clean dog....... well gonna have to work on that one. He's one FILTHY boy at the moment. Guess I'm gonna have to break out the whitening shampoo here soon. He's been enjoying being a boy and playing in the lake, then the dirt, then the lake like a good boy should.
Well see everyone in Richland.
Offer still stands if someone wants to split the room with me, one queen bed :)


StubbyDog said...

I might be up for splitting, but need to finalize my plans first! I think I'd have 2 dogs with me.

Brittany said...

All good. I'll just have Dag with me as there is no agility trial going on at the same time so ms. Jasmine gets to stay home and be spoiled. If you do finalize plans and want to split give me a ring 360- 630 3918 I work nights so if I don't answer right away just leave a message and I tend to return calls around 5-6pm.

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