Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Time

Well it's official in my house now, it's Christmas time. The tree went up this weekend and there is a wreath on the front door, and that's the extent of it. We really just don't do a lot of decorating for holidays but the tree makes me happy. Dag on the other hand is thankfully not interested in the tree he's more like "Mom WTF is that GIANT thing in the living room?!?!?" He gives it a really wide berth and keeps away from it, but I still don't trust him. He goes in his crate when we leave as we really don't want to come home to a decapitated tree.
As for other news Jasmine is officially going to preferred in Agility and is never running in dirt again. Last weekend we knocked bars in both jumpers and standard. She has been occasionally knocking a bar in class but it's been attributed to me pulling off to early and causing her to drop her hind end. The first bar dropped at the trial was my fault completely as I pulled off over a wider jump so she wouldn't take the tunnel in front of her and I saw her back end drop :( The Standard class again it was a wide jump, the FIRST jump, and down came the bars :( It also didn't help that it was a nice "warm" 32 degrees and we were in a horse arena with very little heat. I was not pleased as I was freezing and so was Jasmine even after a 5 minute Jog and a 15 minute warm up walk. It was a cold and crappy weekend.
To end the weekend, I woke up on Tuesday before work Sick. Yup completely sick. I stayed home yesterday but I'm feeling a tad bit better today so I'll head to work and hope its slow.
Off to Target for cold medicine and soup. Hope everyone has a Happy holiday season.

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