Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good News :)

Well I have good news :) I'm going back to work on a day shift :) :) That means no more marathon night shifts and taking the dogs to work with me every night! YAY. I am going back to an old job of mine working for the Purrfect Pals cat shelter working in their Veterinary clinic. I start back there in two weeks, so that means only two more weeks of staying up all night.

In other news, Dag and Jasmine are being good dogs. Well they always are but they do test me on occasion whether it's defluffing toys or chewing on things that are not dog toys. Dag has for the moment, stopped chewing on wooden things, even with full access to the cat room. He's been good about realizing what Cat toys are and what dog toys are, smart boy. Jasmine is on the fat dog diet as somehow she's gotten a little pudgy in the last month or so :( she is not pleased. Dag has been switched to buffalo and venison from Jasmine's Wellness Core Oceanfish diet as it was not agreeing with his tummy anymore. He is very happy and is putting on weight again :) He's a scant 32# and he is thin. He definitely needs some weight to look his best. I'm thinking of getting him some more ring experience soon to keep him up to snuff. Anyway here are some pictures of tonight and please ignore the weird angle as it's a little off from my lack of photography skills tonight. 0.o I'm glad to see he's growing up, with more weight I think he'll look a lot better. Now for some more roadwork with him. I've been slacking due to it being pitch black when I'm getting up and going to sleep. Now that I'm going to be back to a real job I'll have time for more walks which the dogs will enjoy.
Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new year and bless you all.


penni said...

He's looking very nice, Brittany. It is time for some ring practice.

C-Myste said...

Gosh, he still looks like daddy. A little more weight and you'll have it.

I noticed last night that Kady (4.5 months older) is starting to get a chest.

Storm Ridge said...

He's such a good boy, yes, he looks really good with a little more weight. Just think, soon summer and a dog show in your area would also allow me to invade my sons house and spoil grandkids. I cant think of much better that that combo!

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