Monday, April 9, 2012

New addition and Dag (of course)

Well I'm so bad at blogging. Life has been good. I've gone back to working days and enjoying it. I've of course had foster kittens and well one of them has stayed. Her name is Q because Ben started calling her QCat and it just stuck. Not that we needed another cat but Ben really liked her and wanted her so this is His cat not mine as I already have 4 animals that are mine lol.

Other than that life has been boringish. We have been busy with the major comic convention of Washington and went to the Seattle Comicon and spent 3 days engrossed with nerds of all sorts. Unlike last year where I took bunches of pictures this year picture taking was sparse and I barely took 20 pictures. Must have been too engrossed in shopping to take notice.
Today was bath day and boy did everyone need it. Not only did all of the cats get bathed, so did Jasmine and Dag. The puppies got blow dried too as they are both shedding up a storm. So without further ado here is a picture of Jasmine being cute and some pictures of Dag all grown up :) and getting chesty. He has finally hit 37# and filling out. Jasmine on the other hand is um.. a little fat. She weighs 36.5# :( Now she's on the fat dog diet and getting back down to a reasonable weight. Silly girl still wants to eat everything but she is a corgi. lol


Jeri said...

The side pics of Dag are stunning!

James said...

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John Morris said...

such great dogs on the fotos!

I like them:)

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