Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching up

Well it's been forever since I actually posted something on here. I've been a very busy lady between working 50+ hrs a week to going to dog classes twice a week to trying to have a social life I'm pooped. I'm finally done with my super hours at work, back to my normal schedule, for the moment, and am finding time for myself.
Dag and Jasmine have been hard at work becoming good dogs. Jasmine is doing great in agility and will be entered in some shows come January, just have to get her up to snuff. I'm planning on getting her NAJ and then dropping her to preferred as she is 6years old now and with her extreme out-turned front I'd like to keep her from breaking down anytime soon. With lots of low impact exercise and keeping her muscular I hope to keep her competitive for years to come.
Dag is now doing Rally and getting better each week. He's a lot slower at learning than Jasmine but Jasmine spoiled me and you know it really is much easier to train with one dog. Jasmine continually tries to butt in to what we are doing just to show me all of her tricks and get a cookie. Dag just stares at her like 0.o Silly boy. We're taking some time off from conformation to let Dag turn into a man since right now he's in that I'm an in between gawky teenage boy who has masculine features but still has acne :) Alas he will grow up to be a good looking man it will just take time.
I haven't taken any pictures of him in a while mainly cause I've been so dang busy but I promise to get some new ones up soon, as everyone needs a bath including the cats. I do find it quite amusing that out of all of my animals Jasmine is the only one who hates Bath time. I can't keep the dog out of a lake but when it comes to getting clean she runs for the hills. It's not that she's afraid of the tub since when I take a bath she tries to join me and play in it, it's the fact that she does NOT want to be clean. I swear the second she's out of a bath she runs outside to find the closest pile of bunny poop and roll in it. Mud puddle?? She's in it. She constantly has grass stains from rolling in god knows what in the lawn and SHE's supposed to be a pretty girl. Guess she's just a tomboy. Dag really is a pretty boy though, as soon as he's bathed he stays clean for a long time.
Well I guess I should get back to work. Long night, full moon, people with no teeth. It all makes for a very entertaining night.
My one plea to everyone is to Please Please PLEASE keep all of your medications far far away from your pets. Tonight I've seen two overdoses, one fatal (7month pup) and one may not make it through the night. Both could have been prevented by just keeping the medications in the bathroom and out of dogs reach.
Have a good day.

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