Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dag at 13 months

So I'm finally slowed down at work and realized I haven't updated any pictures of Dag aka Dagwoo that bad dog. So without further ado, some not the greatest pictures, but I did them all myself with no help. I think his chest is starting to come down some since the first puppy pictures I have and I'm gonna see how he does next month in the ring. Hopefully the bad dog will get some more coat and grow up some more but it all takes time. He is still splayed in his left front and I don't know why. He was a little splayed as a puppy and now it's more obvious to me. Any ideas? too much turn or ? The third diget (count from the dewclaw out) is/ has always been raised up higher than the other toes and I'm thinking puppy injury? but it all just seems more obvious to me. I really think his shoulder is looking nicer and his movement is better as I've been working on going faster with him cause he can MOVE I just have to keep up with him.
He does look a little roached in the picture but it's the angle cause I just looked at him again and there is no roach when stacked.


Jeri said...

Dag is such a pretty rich color. :)

He still looks young...I know it's hard to be patient, and there isn't much harm in taking him out to give him ring experience. You could also work on other things like obedience titles while he grows up.

The turnout on his front is fairly common. It's not ideal...he has longer, weak pasterns (that part between his wrist and his foot) which give the )( look instead of the proper cupped chest look. It *may* get a little better as he gets older and his chest drops down, which can sometimes basically push the wrists a bit further out which turns the feet back forward a bit. It also may not improve...I see more that don't than those that do, honestly. But given his age I certainly think it's worth seeing what he looks like grown!

Baledwr said...

We got some strange turn out in this. Now, Clem looked really bad front on at this age and doesn't now, Hannah (aunt) also had times she could look evtreme...both turned out ok but didn't have the splay. That's more likely from weight distribution though a toe fracture is possible (oddly, both Clem and Hannah have had those injuries).

And if it doesn't come back....well....I can find you something to show! But put a bag over him for another year...

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