Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dan Welsh Corgi

Ok.. lets start of by saying tonight has been a crazy night at work but this person takes the cake with being dumb.
client "Hi my Dan Welsh Corgi just ate a brownie."
me "Pardon, your what just ate a brownie?"
"my Dan Welsh Corgi"
"I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that breed how much does it weigh?"
"about 45-50 pounds"
"Ok and how many brownies did it eat?"
"Oh just one. Is he gonna die?"
"No mam' one brownie is not going to kill him. He'll probably just get an upset stomach." then I proceeded to go over other symptoms to watch for all while going (0.o) Dan Welsh Corgi?!?!??!
I am always amused when people have no clue what their dog is. I even googled it to see if there was some BYB selling corgi pups as a Dan Welsh Corgi and nope not a single thing. I have no idea what type of dog she has but I do pray that it's fixed.
Oh the calls I get at 2 am.

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